12 MP CMOS Color Camera (Brightfield)

12.9" Liquid Retina® Touch Display

USB | Ethernet | Cloud Based (Dropbox)

2x-100x Plan Achromat and Plan Apochromat

Intuitive Touch Interface, Measurement Annotations,
Length, Area, Cell Count, Scale Bar

Objective Lenses:

Nosepiece turret can accommodate up to five objective lenses

What are the different objective types?

Objective Lenses

Apochromat: Highest resolution lenses with highest correction for chromatic and spherical aberrations. Requires coverslip prepared samples for viewing.

Achromat: Cost efficient lenses with lower correction for chromatic and spherical aberrations. Can be used for viewing coverslip samples or plastic vessels depending on Working Distances (WD).

CSC: Coverslip corrected for glass slide that use standard #1.5 coverslips.

LWD: Long working distance objective lens used to view samples through thicker vessels such as petri dishes, well plates, flasks, etc.


Condensers can be used with brightfield and phase contrast objective lenses

Which condenser is right for you?


ELWD: Extra Long Working Distance condenser for samples that require longer working distances such as petri dishes, well plates and flasks. This condenser comes pre centered and pre-aligned.

HR: High Resolution condenser is used for samples with short working distance requirements such as glass slides. This condenser offers alignment controls for Kohler Illumination.

Stage Inserts

For Various Plates, Slides, Dishes, etc.


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